GTTP is a multi-country educational program to introduce high school learners to career opportunities in Travel & Tourism

The National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE)

What is the NCTE?

The National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE) is  an electrifying trademark event in the tourism industry. It is hosted annually by three partners which include the National Department of Tourism (NDT), Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT – North West), and the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA).
Addressing the skills development challenge and promoting growth in the tourism sector, the NTCE is now it its eleventh year.

GTTP-SA at the NTCE  –  for learners and teachers

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect when you visit the Expo:

  • Create your own CV in a virtual classroom and get the chance to upload it to a central database
  • Mix your own colourful, non-alcoholic drink and see if you have what it takes to become one of SA’s best cocktail makers (or mixologists as they are now called)
  • Hear from young, successful entrepreneurs in tourism and find out what it takes to kick start your own career in the sector
  • Learn more about possible careers in the tourism industry
  • Attend teachers seminars

The NTCE is directly aimed at high school and tertiary/FET learners (past and current) looking to enter or advance in the tourism industry.

The NTCE is not exclusively targeted at the learners – the teachers are just as important as you are the drivers behind the tourism industry.

The Expo is open to all members of the public who are interested in tourism, whether you are currently in the industry or not.

The NTCE needs you to make this a successful and impactful experience for our future tourism candidates.

The NTCE requires the support of the industry at large in order to be truly successful in its endeavours.

The NTCE would like to encourage unemployed graduates to register on our data base.

Visit the NCTE website here   (

Types of qualifications

There are so many types of qualifications available on the market, that it is difficult to understand what all the different ones mean. Here is a summary of the types of qualifications available:

Type of Qualification Explanation
Degree 3 – 4 years of higher education, often very theoretical
National Diploma 3 year qualifications offered by Univeristy of Technologys at Higher Education level
Certificate 1 – 2 years at Higher or Further Education level, can be very practical and skill orientated
Learnership A formal apprentice-ship type of program where you spend time n industry and at a training provider. A learnership must culminate in the achievement of a certificate or a diploma.
Skills Program A short course to develop specific skills – such as waitering, room attending, etc

Is Tourism for You?

The most important qualities for being good in the tourism industry are communication, teamwork and customer service skills. It does not matter where in the world you work, in what job, or what specific skills you need for that job, to make it in the tourism industry you need to enjoy challenges and have the ability to work well with people. It is important to appreciate that people around the world have different ways of doing things. Working in the travel and tourism industry, you will come to learn a lot about people and issues like culture and how we are all different.

People in the Tourism industry identified the following qualities as important in this very people-focused industry. Tick the characteristics that you think you have then add them up.

Have you got what it takes in Tourism?

  1. Maturity
  2. People skills
  3. Ability to think on your feet
  4. Ability to network and build rapport with people of different ages, languages and cultures
  5. Sense of humour
  6. Outgoing personality
  7. Strong sense of customer service and desire to help people
  8. Good computer skills
  9. Good communication and listening skills
  10. Confidence
  11. Leadership
  12. Empathic and sympathetic attitude
  13. Practical nature and common sense
  14. Good general knowledge
  15. Problem-solving skills
  16. Enjoyment of travelling and of the outdoors
  17. Ability to work in a team
  18. Good memory
  19. Strong attention to detail
  20. The ability to plan and be proactive
  21. Organised

A score of 16 or more means you should join the tourism team!
10 – 15 means that you may need a bit of practice and development, but do try.
Less than 10 means you should maybe try something else!

Choosing a career in tourism

Your choice of career is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The Collins dictionary describes ‘career’ as ‘a profession or occupation chosen as one’s life work’. Makes sense then to ensure you’re in the right industry from the word go.

Ask people what they want from a career and they may say: ‘job satisfaction’, ‘ the opportunity to work with people’, ‘challenge’, ‘excitement’. Tourism has it all and more, and offers an unparalleled selection of fantastic career opportunities.

If you fancy meeting with interesting people from all over the world, being part of a flight crew heading for an exotic destination, or guiding tourists through the African bush in search of the ‘big five’, then spend a few minutes on the various sections under the “Careers” page on this website.