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2019 Sustainability Competition

Sustainability Competition 2019


Only on-line entries are accepted.

The competition is open to all schools in South Africa offering Tourism as a subject in grades 10 to 12.

GTTP is sponsoring a competition to focus on sustainability, not just in Travel & Tourism, but in our everyday lives. The competition is open to all GTTP learners.

This competition, which runs until 31 October 2019, is meant to help both learners and teachers have a better understanding of sustainability and the complexities around it. To aid in their understanding, GTTP has developed a short course that explains what sustainability is, its three pillars, and the different ways it can be applied in daily life. This course, Passport to Sustainability, is available on our website. Learners can refer to the material as they research their chosen organisation.

Learners participating in the competition must research how an organisation carries out its activities in a sustainable manner and then document their findings in a 800 – 1200 words essay, accompanied by original photos. Learners must submit their entries on this website.


Prepare your essay as a Word document and include your photos with captions as part of the document. Put your name as the file name for your document. Upload your entry form and your Word document (essay with photos) here before 31 October 2019. All entries become the property of Global Initiatives, Inc./GTTP. Click here to upload your entry form, your Word document (essay with photos), and photo permission forms if you are using someone else’s photos in addition to your own.

You can visit the competition web site for MORE details. Click here to go to the web site.

You must enter ON THE WEBSITE.

Closing date:  31 October 2019